I am a YOUNG REPUBLICAN because...

I BELIEVE that the next generation of elected officials should preserve the core conservative principles that have made America strong.

I BELIEVE that developing fresh, common-sense and practical ideas to overcome everyday challenges is beneficial to help move our party forward.

I BELIEVE that limited government is the key to allowing citizens to achieve the American dream, without being burdened by government regulation and mandates.

I BELIEVE that the Republican Party best embodies the ideological principles that will enable the next generation of Americans to achieve success.

I BELIEVE that maintaining a strong military and national defense is the key to ensuring the safety of all of our citizens.

I BELIEVE that all men and women are created equal and guaranteed basic rights and protections under the constitution.

To join the Young Republicans contact Chairman C.J. Weigle at yorkyoungrepublicans@gmail.com

Young Republicans Leadership
C.J. Weigle - Chairman
Jacob Taylor - Vice Chair
Lindsey Reynolds - Secretary
Nick Fields - Treasurer
Josiah Sisto - Public Relations Director