Congratulations to all of our Republican candidates!
We look forward to successful campaigns this November.

United States Senate
Lou Barletta

United States House of Representatives - 10th district  
Scott Perry

United States House of Representatives - 11th district  
     Lloyd Smucker

Pennsylvania Governor
Scott Wagner

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor
Jeff Bartos

Pennsylvania Senate - 28th
      Kristin Phillips-Hill

Pennsylvania Senate - 48th
Mike Folmer

Pennsylvania House of Representatives:
47th       Keith Gillespie
92nd      Dawn Keefer
93rd       Mike Jones
94th       Stan Saylor
169th     Kate Klunk
196th     Seth Grove

Republican State Committee:

Holly Kelley
Marilyn Gillespie
Nancy Kilgore
Kelly Margetas
Allison Blew
Linda Myers Drei
Tom Kearney
Michael Hogg
Jeff Piccola
Jim Ream
George Margetas
Jim Mann

  Congratulations to our Republican
County Committee Members

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